Colour and Conviction: Konstantin Dimopoulos

Words by Fiona Gruber & Michael Cathcart

Konstantin Dimopoulos is an artist who is passionate about global issues. His previous works have brought attention to various problems, from homelessness to deforestation, and he is currently planning to take on the British Government over its refusal to hand back the Parthenon marbles. Dimopoulos is a firm believer that art can change the world.

"I have long been fascinated with colour and light. These are part of my Greek Orthodox psyche, the enriched, vivid icons that line the inside of Greek churches counterbalanced with the humility of the home in which I was raised." - Konstantin Dimopoulos, 2015

With Mind At The End Of Its Tether, now showing at Fehily Contemporary, he continues his exploration of the social issues presented in his public art installation, The Purple Rain. The works juxtapose images and words relating to extreme poverty and social disadvantage with commercialism, represented by the saturated colour palette and painterly, fluid lines of electric neon tubes. Click here to listen to the artist's full interview on ABC Radio National Books & Arts.

More of Konstantin's work (pictured below) will also showing at the upcoming exhibition, Remix: Objects & Sculptures. The exhibition is being held at the Conny Dietzschold Gallery in Sydney from the 16th July - 4th of August. Other artists showing at this exhibition include Robert Barnstone, Victor Bonato, Franz Ermann, Dieter Kraenzlein, Katie Lee, Peter Nowotny, Joerg Plickat & Reiner Seliger. The private viewing for this exhibition is being held on the 15th of July from 6-8pm, if you are interested in attending send an email through to before the 13th of July.