Weston Frizzell

Weston Frizzell is New Zealand's celebrated pop art studio with a reputation for slick work and tight production values. Weston Frizzell is the collaborative identity of Auckland artists Mike Weston and Otis Frizzell - W. Frizzell is not Otis Frizzell's brother! New Zealand Fine Prints stock all prints available from the Weston Frizzell studio as well as all solo editions from Otis Frizzell and Mike Weston. New Zealand Fine Prints are NZ's fine art print specialists - we have been delivering prints by leading NZ printmakers like Weston Frizzell in perfect condition to art collectors throughout New Zealand or around the world for over 40 years. Mike Weston and Otis Frizzell have been in the news recently regarding their controversial unofficial Weston Frizzell Auckland Supercity Logo.