Virginia Woods-Jack

Virginia is a photographer currently calling New Zealand home. Her work explores and looks to challenge how we interact with a photograph. VWJ is interested in presenting her works in such a way as to convey something of the initial experience she had during the creation of the image, be that an interaction with the subject as in The Empty Portrait or a visual response to a personal situation as in Take Away One. VWJ is also fascinated with the perceived temporal limitations and inherent thinking around time and place associated with photography and how it can be challenged. She is inspired by the work of artists including Roni Horn, Hiroshi Sugimoto, David Claerbout and Michael Wesely amongst others; you may not find visual evidences in her work rather their works inspired her with their particular approach to the world and themselves, looking, thinking and engaging in photography. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Virginia was raised in England and received her BA Hons in Photography from The University of Creative Arts @ Rochester Kent. She was awarded her Masters in Fine Art with distinction from Massey University Wellington in 2009. She is represented commercially by Match in Auckland.