Cinzah Merkens

Cinzah 'Seekayem' Merkens is a New Zealand based multidisciplinary artist. He is one of the fore founders of the New Zealand 'Street Art scene, originally starting out putting up paste ups, stickers, and painting character based works throughout Auckland and Melbourne close to a decade ago. He was one of a handful that created public works in an alternative format to letter based graffiti. Paying respect to the founders of the NZ Graffiti scene although not confined by the hierarchy and restrictions of this alternative subculture. Since these early days of creeping around at night, he's moved on to paint at art festivals around the world, has fostered a career as an award winning illustrator, run an art gallery, curated several successful exhibitions, popped out a couple of kids, and left the big smoke for a more relaxed pace of life in the sunny Hawkes Bay. Cinzah paints from and for his environment, with a strong sense of colour, movement and balance. Exploring themes such as the interrelationship between man and nature, duality, mythology and story telling. Cinzah has exhibited extensively throughout New Zealand and Australia, also showing work in group shows, festivals and mural productions in Mexico, North America, Japan, and South East Asia.