Beatrice Carlson

Carlson's art is dictated by her roots as a French New Media Artist living in New Zealand. Her work is based around her collections of photographs from both Europe and New Zealand. 2015 has been a year of autobiographic work for Carlson, blending her life into her art and using Solarplate Etching to add poetry, depth and atmosphere. Themes are recurrent: Flamencos dancers, Moroccan atmosphere, Corrida, European landscapes and New Zealand landscapes, all appearing in different ways since 2008, the year of her first solo exhibition in New Zealand. She enjoys the duality of using Perspex and Solarplate Etching, as perspex allows her to work on big scale, providing more graphic visual impact, and etching has an intimacy that provokes the watcher. It encourages the audience to go closer and appreciate all the details on the paper.