Tony de Lautour

Though he was born in Melbourne in 1965, de Lautour has lived in Christchurch for most of his life. He graduated Bachelor of Fine Arts (majoring in sculpture) from the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts in 1988 and in 1995, just one year after his first solo exhibition, he won the Visa Gold Art Award. De Lautour's art is quirky and full of dark humour. His works are included in major private and public collections in New Zealand and Australia including Te Papa, Christchurch Art Gallery, Auckland Art Gallery, Chartwell Collection, National Gallery of Australia. Land ownership and control has long been an interest of de Lautour’s and as part of the 2012 Christchurch Art Gallery Outer Spaces project, he published Unreal Estate, attacking the ubiquitous Property Press with his brush. Erasing, obscuring and blotching out the houses for sale in the real estate magazine, he referenced the earlier natural destruction, and ongoing (un)controlled demolition of the city. Each print has individual variations and is rendered as unique as a painting. These works are an important contribution to the body of art forming around the events that have forever changed Christchurch.