Michele Bryant

Michele Bryant was born in Hawkes Bay before she moved to Wellington to study textile design, art and art history. She has recently returned to rural Hawkes bay with her husband and their two kids. She was taught printmaking by John Drawbridge and Stanley Palmer. She has tutored in printmaking, costume design, experimental drawing and life drawing. She has also worked for Weta Workshop as a costume/props designer and maker. For 20 years she has exhibited her work in many galleries, nationally and internationally. Information is often embedded in the artwork, which is not obvious at first glance,and needs to also be viewed at close range to read the underlying messages, which make sense of the work as a whole. Bryant uses a range of mediums to create her work such as hand-drawn maps carved into wood, metal, printmaking, painting, mold-making techniques, resin, glass, and oil on board, choosing the medium to best suit the concept behind the work. Michele’s artwork often explores ideas on belonging. Ideas surrounding decision making and how a sense of belonging for a location is tested or strengthened are often explored and information is often embedded into the surface texture of the work, detailing the layered thought processes around some departures and returns.