Liyen Chong

Liyen Chong is a New Zealand based artist of Malaysian and Chinese descent. She completed her Masters at the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts of Christchurch in 2003. She has exhibited works nationally and internationally and her work is held in major public and private collections including: the Chartwell Collection (Auckland), The University of Canterbury Art Collection (Christchurch) and the National Gallery of Australia Collection (Canberra). Liyen boldy negotiates Eastern and Western art forms, motifs and languages to create works that are conceptually rich and visually immaculate. The simple images and symbols utilised act as ciphers for a host of different myths, disciplines and artistic languages. Her practice involves an in-depth engagement with disciplines and media, including text-based graphic design work, embroidery with hair, printing on ceramics and photography. Chong’s works resist deciphering and act as little monuments to attempts at belonging and an accompanying questioning of materials, rules and meaning.